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Alex Saddiqi

Author of Two Lonely Otters

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Born and bred in the south east of London. I’ve always been told from a young age that I see the world a little differently to others and throughout my childhood, I’ve always drawn to the creative side of life. When I was younger I was diagnosed with ADHD and autism and found it hard to communicate and voice how I was feeling. This was until I was old enough to take life a little more into my own hands and I find creative outlets.


Through acting, music and writing, I was finally able to process and put to words emotions and feelings that I was experiencing. At the start of my journey, I never really took myself as a writer, then when I got to university I openly shared my writing work with others for the first time. Though this I realised how cathartic and amazing a feeling it was to create a world and bring people into it, just as I was doing with my performance work. 


My aim with my work, is for it to be accessible. I live by the motto:


“If at least one person out there unrelated to me can read one sentence of my work and feel something, then I’ve done my job.”


I believe regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race or age, we are all people who have been through countless experiences, connections with others and most importantly feelings. It’s so easy in our day to day lives to feel alone and frustrated at the fact that people are not quite getting what you’re about (just as I did when I was younger) and through my work I want you to know that: “The feelings that you feel are being felt, whatever they may be. If not by me then by someone else out there.”. 


So come pull up a chair at my table as we go through various topics and subjects, some light hearted and fun others wrapped within a vial of ‘taboo’ and ‘shame’ as we work our way through this crazy thing called life.


Thank you so much for your continued support and I hope we are able to connect at some point along our journeys. 

by Fay Rusted
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