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George - Blackpool

This actually is probably the best purchase I've made in my life thus far. It's just so beautiful.
It's just a delight to hold and own. From the illustrations to the actual structuring of the book. Alex has created this stunning, beautiful, lineal narrative through poetry which creates a storyline which just flows so elegantly off the tongue. It's just a joy to own, a joy to read. Even if you thumb in and out of certain poems or you read it start to finish, there's just joy in it which is magical considering it came from such a dark place.
Just sublime, if you're into your poetry this is a good one to go for because if he continues writing, this is going to soar places and to jump on the bandwagon early. That'll be like being a fan of Ariana Grande before she was on Victorious.
Mark my words, watch this boy. He's going to take over the world with his literature.
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